Transformation Starts Here!!!

At MTC we believe there are many ways to achieve your full potential.
Just as a butterfly goes through a process of several changes (metamorphosis), similarly, we believe individuals go through their own metamorphosis, as they reach for the goals and lives they desire.  Transformation comes as the caterpillar submits to the process and emerges a beautiful butterfly.  We believe people are like this.  We all start as the caterpillar...,functional, but yet with deep inside understanding that there is always more potential to be harnessed , more improvement to be made and more room for growth and development. This is why we strive to make you become the best at what you do !!!!.

 We are an Effective, Efficient, Registered  and Recognised Learning Resource centre, providing continous education, coaching, counseling and consulting to meet the ever increasing dynamic needs of employees, employers, executives and professionals, business owners, students, government  and the general economy at large. We understand all of our client's challenges and shortcomings and we have potent, effective and long-lasting solutions to all of them. We are partners with Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), and Cyprus International University (CIU) both in Cyprus, Europe, providing assistance for candidates with quality and affordable  study abroad programmes, professional training and personal development. We are also affiliated to top universities in Canada and America providing assistance with work permit, schooling and professional development.


Some of the tools we offer are:
Business and Personal Development Training and Consulting
Education and Career Consulting
Health and Lifestyle Training and Consulting
Properties/Investment Consulting
Travel Consulting/ Visa / Work permit Processing
Study Abroad Programmes( Europe and America)etc

Because we offer multiple tools for change ,that means you can choose the modality that best suits your needs. Change is possible and moving to the next level in your life personally and professionally is achievable. Regardless of your challenges, Mobile Training and  Consulting Ltd (MTC) can help turn your obstacles into opportunities for growth and positive change.

We have served Africa and the rest of the world for over 24 years. Our offices are located in Nigeria, Cyprus and America for your convenience.

Manage That Customer, Make That Connection, Market That Commodity, Meet That Client with Mobile Training and Consulting Ltd (MTC)....quality training and consulting On The Go....


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