Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change For Improved Productivity

Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change For Improved...

Ethics and value orientation is an input variable for the success of any forward looking organization. 

Attitudinal change in people depends largely on their values, and that determines their individual behaviour. Values tend to form the foundation of a human character. Most people act in ways that move them towards their goals and also conform to their personal values and sense of right and wrong. This can lead to defensive behaviour and interpersonal conflicts.

People, when faced with a threat to their basic security (e. g. keeping a job and providing for family), may engage in unethical behaviour. Work ethics, attitudes and values affect the performance of every organization. This is because the human resource is the most important resource in every organization.

The performance of every organization is tied to the performance of every member of staff. Values are the foundation upon which individual ethics and attitudes are built. These three components (attitude, ethics and values) shape an individual’s character. A person’s character is manifested in his/her words and actions

Therefore, this course aims to provide participants with relevant knowledge, skills and techniques to improve on work ethics, organizational culture and behaviour towards improved productivity

The main objective of forming and operating any business is to make profit. This enables the business to exist and to grow. A driver is employed to perform some specified duties that others cannot effectively and efficiently combine with their official duties.

This workshop on managing attitudinal change for improved productivity is designed to create awareness among professionals on the dangers of entrenched values and unethical behaviours that can be disastrous to organizations. It will expose partcipants to how their services contribute to the productivity of the organization

At the end of this course, participants would appreciate the overriding importance of a positive attitude to work and the spirit of commitment to duty for improved productivity.


  • General Overview of Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change
  • Work Ethics and Productivity
  • The Environment and Ethics
  • Organizational Cultures and Values
  • Human Behaviour in Organizations and Management Process
  • Leadership Styles and Skills
  • The Organizational Culture and Values
  • Understanding Work/Business Ethics
  • Productivity Measurement Tools
  • Productivity Improvement Techniques
  • Measuring and Rewarding Performance
  • Attitudinal Change
  • Effective Leadership Management
  • Cost and Waste Reduction Strategies
  • Organizational Culture
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment
  • Measuring and Rewarding Performance
  • Productivity Improvement Techniques
  • Discipline and Counselling
  • Self-Organization and Time Management
  • Managing and Sustaining Change
  • Building Commitment and Trust in the Workforce
  • Effective Communication and Inter-Personal Relations Skills
  • Improved Performance through Attitudinal Change
  • 360 Degree Leadership Model
  • Hamlin Management Model

Who Should Attend

Heads of Department, Senior Officers, Office Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Secretaries and Personal Assistant

and Frontline Personnel with responsibility for achieving set objectives.


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Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change For Improved Productivity

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